Magdiel Allen, aka Mag

Mag Allen is a talented colorist and stylist based in Dallas. He has trained three years at the Bumble and Bumble institute in New York. Mag is a Balayage artist that trained at the L’Oreal Institute in New York City. He executes each look with artistry and vison to create the desired look for his clients to feel beautiful and confident when they leave the salon.

In his 15 years he has trained with some of the most sought out colorist in the industry and has traveled throughout the country attending hair shows for education and inspiration.

Now 11 years working at Mathew Tully hairdressing he considers it to be the most valuable education thus far. Mag is passionate and devoted about hair, he strives to be a great artist at his craft to give all his clients a great experience and not just a service.

As a husband and father with two boy’s life is very busy and challenging just the way he likes it. As a family we continue to learn and grow from this journey called life. Mag wouldn't change a thing! Some of his interests in life include traveling, films, live music, some outdoor activities, snowboarding, time with friends, great wines and food.

You can look at some of Mag's work by following him on Instagram @Magallen21_hair.

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